Welcome To Trazza Design

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We are a Miami based manufacturing and design agency that emerged with the idea of providing the best option for all companies in terms of creativity, quality and identity. For this we have the best creative and engineering staff in constant training, up to date with new technologies and new formats to develop unique projects.
TRAZZA DESIGN creates great products with great visual impact that is a strategy that ensures success and has positioned us as one of the most creative design studios.

We want to generate answers and alternatives using different design visions, which are the most important tools for working so we can fill any concerns and needs through our services and strengths.


QUALITY: High end technology and technique supports our quality and our knowledge and skills acquired in our profession backs it up.

COMPLIANCE: One of the Trazza Design strengths, we always want your satisfaction.

INNOVATION: New and unique designs that are consistent with your projections and identity.

EXCLUSIVE: Each of our creations are unique designs developed from our knowledge and experience.

Who Is Trazza

Maintaining our dedication to the design and manufacturing technology, we will continue to refine our quality, expand our capabilities, increase our efficiency, and elevate the superior level of customer service we now provide to heighten the standard of excellence we have set in the industry.
We put our greatest efforts to provide you with top quality, unique and custom design work which adds real value to your business. Also we have been constantly improving our processes, so we could minimize costs, and offer you the best prices.

In time and deadlines, we are realistic which means that our time estimations are very accurate. We are not the kind of business that will promise you to do everything overnight, because we know that it requires some time to get it right.

You can easily find design companies, which say “time is money, so the quickest the best”…Fine, but… We know that “quickly” may be very expensive for you. You may waste money on unprofessional work and fixing after it. Even more importantly, your business reputation may be badly affected by low quality graphic designs or a cheap website.

With us, you don’t spend your money on stuff you don’t need. Because we are honest and we never take an advantage of what you may not know. We always advise the best and cost effective solutions to our clients.

We Thrive To Deliver The Highest Quality Services To Our Clients.

We are aware that every design and creative company gives you a lot of promises; some – very similar to the above one. In general there are two kinds of marketing statements made by our competitors on the market: “we are the best – check our portfolio” or “we are the cheapest and the quickest”.

If you are a small business you probably choose the best quote, which might be a waste of money on unprofessional services. Bigger companies choose to spend thousands on a “proper” design/creative agency and they are not aware that very often they are persuaded to pay for stuff they simply don’t need.

Of course you can find companies and creative agencies that are professional and really care about their clients. Actually you just did. We believe that Trazza Design is one of them.

You Will Get Top Quality, Appealing And Outstanding Designs and Products.

→ Simply because we are passionate about design and treat it as a challenge and not as a job.
In terms of the development, you will get professional solutions tailored to your needs.

→ We keep up with the latest technologies and trends; always happy to advise the best and the most cost effective solution for you.
You will get a fair and attractive price.

→ We appreciate our clients and don’t take an advantage of anything their might not know. You will get the best value for your budget.
Dedication and individual approach:

→ We treat every client like our only client, what means that we do our best to satisfy your needs. We have time for you and keep you informed.
You get our guarantee.

→ We are professional and reliable. We take the responsibility of what we do for you, so your project is backed by The Trazza Design Satisfaction Guarantee that allowed you to step back from us without costs.
You can trust us

→ We have been winning our costumers’ trust by the top quality, great customer service, reliability and competitive prices.

How We Work